Eden Garden

an organic project

Eden Garden offers opportunities to provide fresh, organic, seasonal produce grown in our garden on our Freisman Rd. property to local area charitable organizations.  

The summer garden is planted with beans, cucumbers, winter and summer squash, eggplant, tomatoes, radish, carrots, melons, and corn.  The corn is new to us this year, so we hope to learn and share our growing success.  We will be harvesting soon and would love to have you join us for one of our bi-monthly work parties:

            2nd Friday of the month

            4th Saturday of the month

When you come to the garden, you’ll see the newly built greenhouse that was used to germinate the seeds and protect and nurture the seedlings until they were ready to plant in the garden.  We have a continual supply of seedlings being cultivated throughout the season, so please come check it out!

You’ll also see a lot of survey stakes and construction material around, as we are in the midst of reconfiguring the garden to allow the church to maximize their build-able land.  This reconfiguration requires new irrigation and deer fencing and we would also like to build raised beds in the new area.  All of this costs money so we are asking our supporters to help out if they can.  Please don’t feel obligated, but if you are able to donate a few dollars, it would be very appreciated.  More details are in the attached link.  https://www.freefunder.com/campaign/eden-project-garden-expansion

We would love to see you in the garden and become a part of the community.  Happy Growing!


To lend a hand in the garden, assist with deliveries, donate tools, equipment or expertise please contact us at garden@crosswindschurch.org