Eden Project

organic garden

Eden Project offers opportunities to provide fresh, organic, seasonal produce grown on our garden on our Freisman Rd. property to local area charitable organizations.  

As our Garden hunkers down for it's winter nap, we are gearing up for some work to build new beds, fencing, a greenhouse, and lay irrigation and electrical so that we can nurture our awesome crops when they wake up for spring. Below is our list of materials we'll be needing before our workday in mid-January; donated materials are tax deductible (we are not accepting monetary donations at this time). Please contact us at garden@crosswindschurch.org to schedule a material donation drop-off.

Greenhouse Needs
46 ft of work bench – 3 feet wide (outside greenhouse)
40 ft of benches
40 ft irrigation pipe
15 misters

Fencing Needs
Approx. 320 feet of deer fencing and support wire
Approx. 37 posts
Cement for post
Gate – 2 

Irrigation Needs 
2” supply pipe -  approx. 100 ft
¾ inch PVC irrigation pipe – approx. 800 ft
½ inch drip tubing 220 ft
¼ inch drip tubing 100 ft
75 Mini sprayers (3’ on center) 

1 eight station timer
1 ten station timer
18 valves

Risers for hose bibs
2 for garden area
6 for community garden beds

Interested in participating in expanding and building the garden that feeds so many?! Be on the lookout for our biggest workday event yet, coming in January 2017. We hope to see you there! 


The Garden is now closed for the winter. We had a very successful season, and again we'd like to thank all who came out and donated their talents and hard work throughout the 2016 growing season.

As a team we managed to donate:
Beans 30.5 lbs / Berries 21 lbs / Cucumbers 103 lbs / Garlic 45 lbs / Leeks 8 lbs / Melons 82 lbs  
Onions 12 lbs / Peppers 57.5lbs / Potatoes 59 lbs / Summer Squash 416.5 lbs / Tomatillos 26.5 lbs  
Tomatoes 204.75 lbs.
Our grand total harvested was 1,123.5 lbs. That's 123.5 lbs more than we harvested in 2015!

The harvest went to feed those who need a little more help within our community at the South Hayward Parish Outreach Center and the the Alameda County Food Bank Satellite (at the Well Church in Livermore.)

In 2017 there will be lots of exciting things happening in the Garden. We'll be moving and that will give us the opportunity to have a large grow space and our own orchard. That's just a little of what is to come. Please stay tuned for how you can become a part of this amazing ministry!

To lend a hand in the garden, assist with deliveries, donate tools, equipment or expertise please contact us at garden@crosswindschurch.org