Facilities / Landscaper (Part Time)


25hrs/wk; Monday-Friday (5 hrs./day)

Includes benefits

This position requires labor outdoors, as well as janitorial responsibilities. Priority is landscaping maintenance, including but not limited to:

  • Mowing grass

  • Pulling weeds / weed abatement

  • Upkeep of parking lot islands

  • Trimming bushes and small trees

  • Maintaining prayer path on property

  • Adjusting sprinkler system when necessary

In addition to landscape maintenance, part time janitorial work will be necessary in support of other facilities staff with upkeep of the property as a whole. Weekly responsibilities will include:

  • Vacuuming multi-use rooms

  • Cleaning bathrooms on campus

  • Mopping lobby and/or auditorium

  • Maintaining cleanliness in each room by dusting, wiping down surfaces

  • Taking out trash when needed

  • Cleaning office spaces 

Some prior experience in landscaping and/or janitorial work is recommended for success in this position. Please send your resume to or call 925-560-3800.