As we seek to know, love, and reflect Jesus more fully, our hope is to engage people CLOSE UP - dwelling among those God has called us to serve.

Each year as we head into fall, we spend an entire Sunday talking about where we've been and where we're heading as a church. This year, we have so many excited things to share about some really cool and unique projects that God's been leading us toward, that we decided to take up 2 Sundays. You are not going to want to miss either of these weekends -- You'll be hearing about some really hands-on ways that we'll be impacting those in need in our community, as well as some new things happening right here on our campus that you'll want to take advantage of. We're thinking of these 2 weeks a mini-series called "Close Up" because we want to get real close up to where we believe Jesus is leading us as a church.

Sleep In Heavenly Peace
Imagine a sleepy you crawling into your soft, cozy bed at night. Feels great, doesn’t it? Most of us take for granted that our beds are waiting for us at the end of the day. But for many children of low income families in the Bay Area, they don’t have a bed to call their own. Sleep In Heavenly Peace provides free, well-made bunk beds to those in need so that no child has to sleep on the floor. For more information, please contact Rob Normann!


Mobile Haircut Ministry
One shelter serves the community by providing free haircuts to the homeless in the Tri-Valley. Local stylists volunteer their time, bringing joy and dignity with every snip of their scissors. But after several years, it’s become more difficult to find places for the shelter to offer this service. What if, instead, the volunteers could go directly to those they serve in a refurbished, fully-functional, traveling hair salon on wheels? And what if we could expand that service to anywhere that salon can travel?


Day of Hope (Neighborhood Edition)
What does it look like to live with compassion the way Jesus did? Something powerful happens when local churches provide much needed resources right in the neighborhoods that need them. Let’s join together to bring ongoing hope in tangible ways to our community one neighborhood at a time. If you are interested in volunteering in any of these areas or helping with logistics and our guest services team, click here to register! You can also contact Brie Lorey with any questions!


The Nonprofit Connect
For many people who are in need, the problem isn’t a lack of resources - it’s a lack of connection to the resources and the capacity to use those services. While churches long to be a source of help, Bay Area churches often have limited knowledge about existing resources within the social service sector. Our vision is to create a direct link (via case management) between local churches and the services available to those in need who come through their doors. Please contact Aaron Horner for more information!


Syrian Refugee Crisis
When you hear of a refugee crisis, it’s easy to feel paralyzed, unsure of what to do or how to help in a practical way. Kaylee McMillan, from our CrossWinds family, has been hands-on in the Lebanon-Syrian border for the past several years, and our hope is to pour into her as she pours into the displaced and broken people she serves.


Uganda Outreach
“Children should be seen and not heard” is a very real sentiment in Uganda, but one church has reached outside that cultural norm. Through creative art therapy including music, dance, and drama, Smiles of Hope Africa is sharing the heart of Jesus with marginalized children in the capital city of Kampala. We will fund on-site staffing, sponsor CrossWinds mission trips, and contribute to their local empowerment program for entrepreneurs. To learn more, please contact our creative arts team here!


Women’s Leadership Conference
At CrossWinds, we’re used to seeing both men and women leading and teaching, but at many churches it’s primarily (or only) men in these roles. We want to kickstart a conference where women who are leading in ministry can come together to be mutually encouraged, equipped, and refreshed to live into all that God has called them to, no matter where they serve.


So much of our experiences as children play into our view of things as an adult, and church is no exception to being a part of these childhood experiences. We want each child at CrossWinds to think of church as the highlight of their week. With the addition of an amazing playground area, our children will love their church experience even more. If you want to learn more, please contact Cody Werley and get involved!