Support Groups

These are groups for those who have identified specific needs and want to work on them within a group setting.  The groups are a place for open, honest and supportive interaction with others dealing with the same issues.  

For questions about any of these support groups, please contact Carole Taylor.

We also have 12 STEP GROUPS that meet at our church. Contact Brie Lorey for any questions regarding 12 Step.

Art of Communication
Started January 9 | Tuesday Evenings
Relationships are challenging at times.  It takes skill, fortitude & wisdom to talk about issues like finances, feelings, various addictions, potential or real affairs, abuse, etc. The Art of Communication (AOC) class explains how to address all issues without destroying your relationship. 15 week class, $20.00 material fee.  Childcare available. For more info or to register, email the group leader here.

Grief Share
Started January 13 | Saturdays | 10:30am
This course utilizes videos as well as group discussion on various aspects of the grieving process from the loss of a loved one.  It is designed to help people struggling at any stage of the grieving process to understand the process and get the tools to move through it. For more info or to register, email the group leader here.

Healing Tears
New group beginning in February
Healing Tears is a ministry to women who have had abortions. It is a 14 week Bible study that walks you through the healing process to forgiveness, peace and freedom from the unresolved emotional conflicts left from your abortion(s). For more info or to register, email the group leader here.  Learn more about Healing Tears here.

Betrayal Care
Beginning February 13 | Tuesdays | 7:00pm

A Biblically-centered, female facilitated, confidential support group for women who have discovered their partner is betraying them sexually, whether that be lusting, pornography and / or adultery. Meets at CPC in Danville. For more info or to register, email the group leader here.


Healing Tears: Post Abortion Recovery Panel Presentation (Support Groups)
Thursday, January 25 | 6:30 - 8:30pm | Farm Theater
Often, you might not even be aware of someone close to you who has gone through this secretive struggle. Whether you have experienced an abortion yourself or know of a friend or family member who is living with this decision, the effects of abortion are far reaching. This panel (made up of 5 women and 1 man) will share about their freedom from pain, guilt and shame and how they were comforted in their sorrow through the grace and love of Jesus Christ.  This dialogue will not be political in any way but is meant to be a platform for people to share their real life stories of how Jesus helped heal and transform them in the after-math of their abortion experience.  Come and learn how you can support someone in their post abortion pain and encourage them- freedom is possible. God offers “beauty for ashes.” All are welcome. This is an educational co-ed event and appropriate for teenagers through centurions.  There will be a Q & A period following the presentation.
For more information, please contact Aimee Harris. Read more about Healing Tears here.