The Knowing Series 

Whether you are new to CrossWinds or have been a part of this ministry for some time, the Knowing Series is designed to help you grow spiritually and live out CrossWinds’ mission statement, which is to Know, Love and Reflect Jesus in our communities and world. We cannot do this completely without knowing ourselves and knowing God and his plan for the world and our role within it. This series is made up of three classes: Knowing Spiritual Growth, Knowing Your Design and Knowing Financial Peace. These classes will introduce you to spiritual disciplines and practices that provide room for you to experience God and allow Him to do transformational work in your life. As this happens, you will learn how God has wired you to serve and live out the mission he has for you in your circles of influence and in the world.

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Knowing Financial Peace

Tuesdays, September 24 - November 19
This class utilizes Dave Ramsey's acclaimed Financial Peace University's curriculum and teaches individuals and families how to achieve their financial goals by living within their means, as well as how to avoid disastrous financial decisions.
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Did you know that you were designed for a unique purpose? God has wired you with unique gifts and passions to serve others in the church community. You are uniquely designed to serve Him in ways that no one else can. As people learn about their gifts and passions and use them to serve the body of Christ, both the servant and the church move toward becoming all God intended them to be. This class is designed to help you explore your spiritual gifts, passions, and personal style so that you can discover your unique DESIGN for an eternal impact.


Knowing Spiritual Growth

Stay tuned for info on our next class!
This series of classes will help you know how to grow your relationship with God on a deeper level through spiritual practices. It will present different practices in an effort to discover how they can draw us near to God and transform us in the process. We will look at an overview of the Bible (what is in it and how to use it), meditation on Scripture, worship, prayer, and fasting. As we study these practices we will also learn to use them to understand God's Word and how to apply it to our lives. This is an interactive class. Bring a Bible and your questions and come explore the many ways you can experience God.