Going Deeper

It is our deep desire to help each person at CrossWinds build an intimate and growing relationship with Jesus. Part of what that means is that we work to provide opportunities to help each person discover their unique and individual pathways for deepening intimacy with Him. We do this by providing the setting and facilitators to accompany you and lead you in this actual process. By experimenting and working through some of these experiences, we hope you will make some of these practices a part of the rhythm of your spiritual journey…with the outcome being intimacy, joy and the abundant life that Jesus came to give. Stay tuned for upcoming opportunities!

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Taught by Dr. Steve Gerali
Monday, September 17 and Tuesday, September 18; 6:30-8:30 pm
Cost: $40*
The cross has been a symbol of grace and freedom from sin to Christ-followers throughout time. “If the Son makes you free, you are free indeed.” But what does this freedom really mean? How free are we? For many Christians, freedom seems to be a myth. We wrestle with the tension of knowing we are free and yet not feeling it. The questions abound: If Jesus eliminated guilt and shame, why do I still feel it? Why do I still feel like there are still unspoken rules I have to follow in order to access this freedom? When the Bible says I am free, does it mean I am free from the consequences of sin, or am I free from more than that? Why do I still feel like in the end, I will still have to pay for something? 
This two-night class will take a look at what really happened on the cross when Christ set us free. Beginning in the Old Testament we will look at the roots of the sacrificial system and why it was inadequate to set us free. We will then move to the New Testament and look at why the cross was the only way to set us free in every way and how we can truly live into that freedom in our lives. 

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