Going Deeper

It is our deep desire to help each person at CrossWinds build an intimate and growing relationship with Jesus. Part of what that means is that we work to provide opportunities to help each person discover their unique and individual pathways for deepening intimacy with Him. We do this by providing the setting and facilitators to accompany you and lead you in this actual process. By experimenting and working through some of these experiences, we hope you will make some of these practices a part of the rhythm of your spiritual journey…with the outcome being intimacy, joy and the abundant life that Jesus came to give. Stay tuned for upcoming opportunities!

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Get To Know Your Muslim Neighbor
Saturday, November 16 | 3:00 - 4:30pm | Farm Theater
Free Admission
This year we are committed to loving our neighbors. And not just loving from a far...loving them by getting up close and personal. But fear has become toxic and marginalizing when it comes to really knowing our Muslim-American neighbors. Join us for a special panel discussion with the Muslim group, “Speaking for Ourselves.” This panel is an insightful panel of three observant Muslims from the East Bay who will provide us with a varied and broad understanding of Islam and the American-Muslim experience. Each panelist uses his or her own personal narrative to answer the most common questions and misconceptions about Islam and to explain how Islam has provided inner meaning to his or her own life. They will address the topics of being Muslim in America, Islamophobia and how we can be better neighbors and friends in our community. After the panel discussion, there will be a written time of Q&A.
If you plan on attending the panel, please let us know by registering here. If you have any questions about this event, please contact Jodie Tey.

Breaking the Cycle of Exhaustion: Half-Day Retreat
Saturday, November 2 | 8:30am - 12:00pm | Farm Theater
$40 (includes class materials and continental breakfast)

Ask anyone how they are doing these days, and the answer seems to be the same: “I’m just so exhausted.” Exhaustion is a word that gets overused and because everyone seems to be suffering from the same condition, we don’t think much about it anymore. Exhaustion, by definition, means "completely spent." If you’ve ever experienced true exhaustion, you know exactly what this feels like. There is literally nothing left...and it’s so much more than just being tired. Exhaustion is equally mental and physical, and it isn’t just a passing condition. It takes time to overcome.
But exhaustion also has a spiritual component to it...one that plays a bigger part in this epidemic than you could possibly imagine. And once you understand the spiritual roots of exhaustion, you can break the cycle and hold it has one your life. If you’re experiencing true exhaustion – it is time to take your life back.
This retreat will be lead by Sid Neimeyer. Sid recently retired as the Community Pastor at Valley Community Church in Pleasanton and is now a Spiritual Director at WellSpring Ministries in Menlo Park. If you want to join us, please sign up here, or contact Jodie Tey with any questions you may have!

How to Study and Interpret the Bible...
Taught by Steve Gerali
DATE CHANGE - stay tuned!
The Bible is a vast collection of literature and genres spanning 66 books and covering a period of 4,000 years. It holds the treasures of our faith and is our authority for faith and practice. But how do you even begin to study your Bible? What are the guiding principles? Are the rules for interpreting narrative any different from parables and apocalyptic literature? How do you understand prophecy? The prospect of interpreting the Bible might sound intimidating but the act of interpretation is as common as communications itself. We do it all the time as we interpret the information that bombards us on a daily basis!
In this class, Steve Gerali will help us look at the guidelines for interpreting the Biblical text, including the role of the Holy Spirit in the interpretive process. Participants will gain a working knowledge of interpretive tools and learn how to interpret the Bible for themselves.
If you're interested in being part of this class, please contact Jodie Tey!

Questions? Contact Jodie Tey