Featured Events | Spring 2018

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The Practice: Writing the Psalms of Your Life
Saturday, February 24 |  9am-12pm | Church property | Jim Matthews
Cost: $20 (includes continental breakfast, snacks and all class materials)
With the “audacity of intimacy” the writer of the Psalms lays before us the vast array of soul-states a God-loyal person might experience.  The Psalms are not the nice prayers of nice people. They are the raw, earthy, honest expressions of combustible human beings whispered and/or shouted a listening God “whose love endures forever.” Most importantly to us, the Psalmist’s words were often on the lips of Jesus! They were spiritually “formative” for him. With the Psalms in-hand as our template, this practice experience will focus on the forms of the Psalms and give opportunity for you to participate in Psalm-writing your own life experiences.  No prior writing experience is necessary. We will write.  We will listen.  And, in faith, we will wait to see how God chooses to show up. Register here. Contact Jodie Tey for more info!