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Small Groups are considered our discipleship time, designed to lead students deeper into God's Word and connect students to each other. Every small group will have multiple leaders to help lead discussions as well as walk alongside life with your student. Small Groups meet Wednesdays after a creative teaching element to help spark thought and discussion. Groups are designed to allow for students to choose the group that fits best for where they are in their walk with God. Additionally, male and female groups are paired with a brother/sister group that meet once a month to bond and discuss the current topic. This is a unique opportunity for students to learn to respect and appreciate the perspectives of the opposite gender regarding life and faith. Don’t worry if your student is not sure about which group would be best for him/her. We will work to find the right group fit for your student. This is important to us! We will help you find the right fit!

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MONDAY NIGHT BIBLE STUDY (7PM - location varies)

Each week we spend 90 minutes diving into scripture on Monday night. Many High School students and even adults find scripture really difficult to read and understand. Monday nights are spent grubbing snacks, drinking coffee, journalling, and sharing thoughts as we working through books of the bible. This is led out by Pastor Daniel Parsons who majored in Biblical Studies. It’s apart of Daniel’s passion to give students the tools needed to allow scripture to come to life as they read it. We spend time looking at themes, cultural clues, Hebrew words, and much more in order to more deeply understand God’s word.

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Our high school students are encouraged to attend the main service at whatever time works for them. On the 3rd Sunday of the month High School small groups sit together in main service. That said, we understand that the transition from a middle school program to the “big” Sunday morning service might be hard for some. Some students just aren’t ready for such a big change. If you have a high school student (freshman/sophomore) who is not quite ready for the adult service, please know that he/she is welcome to continue attending the 10:30am student service (made up of mostly middle school students) until they are comfortable moving into the larger setting. We’re going to work hard to make 9th and 10th graders feel welcome at this experience. This is perfectly OK and we want your student to feel free and comfortable to use this option if they need it!


EPIC | High School Ministry

“EPIC is more than a community; it becomes your family because everyone genuinely cares about your wellbeing. It’s filled with people who want to help you on your journey of life and figure out how God plays a role in that. The EPIC community is like none other in a sense that you definitely make friends that will treat you right and show you how a real friendship is supposed to work.”

-Dylan Nagore

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Along with Small Groups, we have another impactful way for students to get connected. Once the student is matched with a small group, they can also ask to be mentored by a leader that they meet with monthly. These are one-on-one opportunities to dive a little deeper into discipleship or just process life with a leader. The beauty of this, they can happen any time that a student is available and any place (that a parent feels comfortable). This allows students who have full schedules and shifting circumstances the ability to stay plugged into CWS and journey towards Jesus, regardless of what season of life they are in. Mentoring relationships are one of the most significant ways to help students grow spiritually. Crosswinds Students believes mentoring is one of the primary ways God uses people to help others learn, grow, and develop as well as to mold them into the kind of people He created them to be. In a mentoring relationship, the focus is on transparency, self-awareness, biblical principles, application, and intentional feedback.

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Our students rave about the unique community at EPIC. It’s a space where students can be themselves amidst the brutal years of High School when many kids feel the pressure of comparison. On Wednesday nights, the community gathers with a desire to have fun, build friendships on the basis of God’s powerful unconditional love, and wrestle with questions about what it means to be in relationship with God. A typical Wednesday night includes hang time where students from the various Tri-Valley high schools hang, worship, a creative teaching element, and small groups. We have shaped our teaching curriculum around student asked questions regarding life and faith. Creative elements include: student and leader panels, student testimonies, talk show style games, student produced films, biblical based messages, and creative spiritual praxis.

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We consistently offer fun and engaging events for our students. These are ideal to invite friends to. They are relaxed and “no pressure.” Just good clean fun! Our events provide another place for students to build and strengthen community! For the current calendar follow the link to the left.

Have further questions? contact Daniel Parsons at dparsons@crosswindschurch.org


Looking to Serve? 

Great ministries cannot exist without great adult leaders. Today's students do not connect with programs. They connect with people. The most effective way to impact students is through significant relationships with caring adults. That is why we are ALWAYS looking for men and women who have a deep commitment to Christ and a desire to care for students.