Oak Life Church

Sundays, 10am, New Parkway Theater

Our hope is to lead lives with deep roots and wide branches. People talk about the "good life", the "high life", the "thug life"—we long to live the "Oak Life".       -John 15:5

Oak Life is a church plant of CrossWinds Church that loves community and being a part of our neighborhoods in and near Oakland/Berkeley. Basically, we’re a group of people trying our best to follow Jesus and not get in his way. We’d love to hang out with you and learn your story.

We’re called Oak Life Church because a strong tree is a great metaphor for the life we want to lead. The meaning behind it is drawn from John 15:5 and, as we continue to grow in our connectedness to God, we hope to develop a rhythm of life that has deep roots and wide branches. 

474 24th Street
Oakland, CA 94612